AF 3500

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• Full course massage system with massage speed adjustment, massage rollers adjustment, Knead tap massage, Knead-knock massage, Shiatsu massage, Tapping massage, Kneading, massage, Press massage, Partial massage, Heating Massage, Stretch Massage, Air massage, Foot vibration Massage & Knocking Massage.
• Extendable leg rest suitable for people of different height.
• Fixed massage position with different massage function; ex: Kneading, Knocking, Kneading-tap massage.
• Foot massage system with foot vibration massage.
• Multi-layered air bags providing 3 parts of body air pressure massage.
• Equipped with intelligent 3D massage roller technology for the ultimate massage and featuring double Roller on feet.
• Comfort backrest & leg rest descended adjustment together (up & down).
• Smooth massage roller width, from narrow to medium to wide & direction from upwards to downwards.
• Air Pressure area selection to initiate each area of air pressure massage with increase & decrease air pressure.
• Each Program has different Massage techniques & with 3 auto programs (Refresh, Relief & Relax).
• Air Massage system with full body air pressure with air intensity level, from one to three.